Sunday, November 13, 2011

Work with Mercurial in GUI mode (Fedora 14)

Recently I had to work with Mercurial repositories which involved some of my project work and while I'm at it just went on to see how to use it with the help of a GUI tool if any. Then I found out that Tortoise has a GUI support for this which is named TortoiseHG. (Note that one can always use hg which is part of the  standard Mercurial installation which works fine with the command line for the same).

So, how to use TortoiseHG?


For the fedora it's available in the Fedora's update repository. You can easily install it using yum. 
     Note: You need to have Mercurial installed before proceed. If you don't then it'll be installed as a dependency. So no        
                 worries :)

yum list tortoisehg <Check whether its available>
<Login as root>
yum install tortoisehg <Install>

Usage: You use hgtk to work with GUI mode.

Example: Simple repository init with it look like this:

You can use most of other commands similar to this. Go figure... :)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Google+ account settings

There seems to be some changes in account settings of the Gmail account with the new features including Google+. Of course the settings are much more related to and aligned with Google+. And some options available previously seems to be gone. I'm not sure whether they will later appear in a different form. But as of now there's a link for the old settings page in bottom of the new settings page saying "Looking for older account options and your Google Products?" which brings the same old "settings page". (Note: Of course there are other ways to access these pages by the means of direct URLs etc...)

This might be useful specially if you used to access different products like blogger, App Engine from within your Google account settings.